Activate the app with one button


Pair your phone with someone else's to activate the app on that phone


Schedule days & times you want the app to be active


Emergency and 3 specified contacts can get through when the app is active


Receive emailed reports about the app's activity



Thumb Tied in the News

Thumb Tied has been in the news! Here are some of the latest appearances we’ve made that have been in the news. Check out our links to see for yourselves what people have to say.

Michigan Business Network: Interview with PNP Tech Founder Waylon Sanford. CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO


Distracted Driving

Receiving notifications while driving is distracting.  If you’re checking email, texting, or checking the score of last night’s game then you’re not paying attention to the road.


Distractions Blocked

That’s why we created Thumb Tied™.

The Thumb Tied™ mobile app senses when you are driving and blocks incoming texts, calls, emails, and other notifications. That way you can keep your attention on the road.  When you’re done driving, the app shuts down and you can see any messages or notifications you’ve missed.




Thumb Tied™ has a pairing feature.  One phone can be used to activate the app on the phone of a person who will be driving, ensuring that there won’t be any incoming distractions from the driver’s phone. Whether it is from parent to teen, employer to employee, etc., the app helps ensure that people can drive more safely and distraction free.




Thumb Tied Has Amazing Features:

    • *An Interface that is easy to use &  understand
    • *Thumb Tied automatically senses driving speeds
    • *The App prevents responding to texts & notifications while driving
    • *Hands-free operation is allowed
    • *Pair with another’s phone and control when the App is Enabled (subscription needed)
    • *Reports about the app’s activity on paired phones
    • *Allows for Scheduling App to activate for periods of time
    • *Allows for 3 Emergency Contacts to override App
    • *Emergency Access to 911

Join with People Against Distracted Driving


How can you help? By joining with other Distracted Driving organizations you too can reach out and make a difference. We are proud to have as our friends P.A.D.D. (People Against Distracted Driving). In particular is our mutual support with Mike Kellenyi, who had unfortunately the worst possible experience as one could have with distracted driving. His 18 year old daughter, Nikki, lost her life to a distracted driver.

PADD strives to eliminate needless distracted driving by:

    • Offering education to drivers about the dangers of distracted driving.
    • Supporting those who have lost loved ones at the hand of a distracted driver.
    • Partnering with local, state and federal governments to promote the passage of legislation making it a criminal offense to drive while distracted.
    • Installing “Don’t Text And Drive” signs and “Don’t Drive Distracted signs on roads, in schools, businesses and billboards in an effort to keep reminding everyone to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Helping victims of distracted driving, both financially with grants and emotionally with support.

- See more at:

We hope that you will take the time to go visit P.A.D.D. and become a member or help spread the message of Distracted Driving.

Meet the team

Thumb Tied is an application brought to you by Tucknologies LLC and PNP Technologies. We came together over the idea that too many people were getting hurt on the roads due to distracted driving. We had noticed that not only were our loved ones using text messaging while operating a vehicle; we were too.

So in order to develop an application that would help all of us from texting and emailing, Thumb Tied was born!

You can get a hold of us by contacting us via email, or by going to our website. We have more information available there, as well as ways you can help spread the word and keep people from being distracted while driving. Life is too precious. Use Thumb Tied and keep those close to you safe today!

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